Tips for achieving good muscle tone

Not all people who join a gym aim to significantly increase their muscle mass or strength,leaving  hypertrophy aside, many people's goal is to achieve  good muscle tone, especially in women.

A toned body is one that gives a feeling of firmness, especially in "notable" areas such as the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. 

To achieve that feeling of firmness we must focus on two aspects that are not very difficult to intuit, on the one hand, reducing the amount of body fat and on the other, working and slightly increasing the muscles.

For those who start from an overweight situation, the first thing they will have to do is eliminate a large part of their body fat. Modifying their diet and reducing the amount of daily calories is the key to losing weight. 

Secondly, doing aerobic exercise, such as walking, cycling, elliptical, and swimming is essential, however we don't need to be doing 4 hours or day of this. For those people with a fat percentage within acceptable values, aerobic exercise takes a back seat, being necessary as well, but not as something “mandatory”, since if we exceed ourselves we will lose muscle mass and, therefore, tone . 

We must mention the false idea of ´´fat converts into muscle´´ - fat and muscles are two different tissues, what really happens is that fat is lost and muscle is gained (or maintained).

Those who start out as skinny or underweight should increase the amount of calories they eat per day and focus on increasing their muscle mass, as being slim is not being toned.

There is the wrong idea that these types of routines should be performed with little weight, by doing this it is not possible to stimulate the muscle, noticeably heavier weights must be moved (for the person) in certain exercises, it will be useless to do 25 squats without weight , it will be much more effective to perform 10 with a load that involves some difficulty.

Other exercises in which a high load should be used are, for example, press, lunges, deadlifts, steps, and pulley pulls.

Do not be afraid to lift weight because of the idea that you are going to muscle excessively, most people who train hypertrophy have a hard time gaining half the muscle volume of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When programming a routine, for large muscle groups such as dorsal, quadriceps or pectorals, 2 exercises can be performed, for small muscle groups such as biceps or triceps, one will suffice, performing 3 or 4 sets with a number of 10 or 12 repetitions.

It is fun to combine basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts or lunges with specific exercises such as the alternating bicep curl with dumbbells or pulley triceps, with the first exercises we will be able to work many more muscles simultaneously than with the second, for example, Squats are the ideal exercise to tone thighs and buttocks, it is also interesting to vary the exercises that we do from time to time, so that, in this way, we do not accustom the muscle and work other areas.