Comfortisse Posture Pro - Lightweight & Comfortable Back Support Brace

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Sitting in front of the computer all day can give us seriously bad posture, leading to pain, discomfort and even long-term damage. The more time we spend with our spine misaligned, the harder it becomes to correct.

Lightweight and comfortable support brace

Thanks to the Comfortisse Posture Pro, you can easily re-train your posture, keep your spine straight and look and feel better!
This amazingly comfortable and lightweight support brace can be worn under your clothes to instantly correct misalignment and relieve the pain in your neck and back.

Immediately see and feel a difference

Just slip the straps over your shoulders and secure the closure around your midsection. Immediately you’ll see and feel a difference. The triple strap support gives you two straps that gently pull back your shoulders and one strap which reinforces your slouched spine.

Easily retrains your posture

You can wear the Comfortisse Posture Pro as much as you want, but only around 60 minutes per day is necessary to help fix your posture!
With enough time spent using the brace, you won’t need it anymore! Your back and neck muscles will be trained to remain in the perfect position, making you look and feel so much better!


  • Instantly corrects misalignment
  • Relieves neck and back pain
  • Just 60 mins usage needed per day
  • Can be worn under or over clothes
  • Triple strap support
  • Easy to adjust and tighten straps

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