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Get a supercharged ab workout from the comfort of your own home with the brand new Revoflex Xtreme!

Simple, yet effective home workout

It uses bidirectional technology to give you a simple, yet intense workout for your abs, glutes, arms, shoulders, chest and back! In just 5 minutes a day you’re able to get stronger, and appear fitter and more toned – all without having to leave the house or spend a fortune on gym membership fees.

Customisable resistance level

It’s customisable resistance level makes it perfect for whatever your level of strength or fitness is, from beginner to advanced!

Moving forward increases the tension in the bidirectional power bands, generating greater resistance, making for a more strenuous workout!

Moving backwards slowly releases the tension, helping you to easily return back to your starting position. As your ab muscles will be under constant tension, the Revoflex helps to tone and strengthen your abs with this simple yet effective home workout.

It even lets you move sideways, so you can target your obliques and lose fat from your love handles.

Choose the perfect exercise for you

It comes with 6 different exercise levels, so you can choose the perfect one for you. What’s more, you’re able to do an incredible 44 different exercises using it, so you’ll never get bored! Its ease and effectiveness makes working out much more fun, so you’ll stay motivated and achieve your goals!

Compact and lightweight

The Revoflex Xtreme is compact and takes up no space, meaning you can easily store it away when finished! Its light weight also means it’s easy to transport wherever you want!


-Only 5 mins a day needed

-Tone and strengthen: abs, back, shoulders, arms, chest and glutes

-6 different exercise levels

-44 different exercises to choose from


-Easy to transport

-Uses bidirectional power bands

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