Swivel - Abs and Obliques Trainer

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The brand new Gymform Swivel is the perfect way to work out your abs and obliques from the comfort of your own home. The machine is an incredibly easy and fun way to burn calories and tone your muscles with 240 degree movement, so you can forget doing the same exercises all the time!

Easy to use

Climb the platform, hold the handles and start spinning! Thanks to its clever design, the lower part of your body rotates to one side and the top to the other, helping you tone your abs and obliques with a simple movement. The machine is completely adjustable, so you can get amazing results no matter your height.

Firm and tone your body

Strengthen your glutes and legs by crouching and performing the same movement. It’s the perfect way to lose weight from stubborn areas like love handles and muffin tops! You can also use it for aerobic exercise, to help you get fitter and burn calories.

No need to pay for expensive gym memberships when you can get amazing abs and toned legs from home whenever you want!


  • Tone your abs and obliques
  • Strengthen your glutes & thighs
  • Just climb on, grab handles and spin
  • Lose your love handles
  • 240° movement to work the abs and obliques thoroughly
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to use

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    I was looking like this for ages and it is brillian t so easy!

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