Cross Toner - Multi-Action Compact Body Modeller

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Say goodbye to flabby thighs, shaky arms and unsightly belly. Cross Toner is a fun, new, lightweight and compact body modeler that is so effective that it will surprise you with its results.


Do you dream of beautiful, toned legs and sexy, well-formed thighs?

Crosstoner is specially designed to accurately exercise the inner and outer thighs while also working the thighs. The results will not be kept waiting!


CrossToner was designed to allow numerous exercises: the upper body, arms, back and more. Thanks to its ergonomic and versatile design, it is very easy to perform numerous exercises without resorting to other machines.


You can tone and strengthen your biceps and triceps, your abdominal and central area, chest area, shoulders, bibs and more by doing simple and fun exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home while watching TV or listening to music.

It comes with 3 resistance bands that give you a total of 7 intensity levels, making it perfect from beginners to advanced users.


Durability - The CrossToner is made of the highest quality aerospace polymers, ensuring it is lightweight, strong and able to withstand rigorous workouts.

Comfortable - The organic nature of the design along with industrial-quality padded cuffs ensure the CrossToner is easy for joints and body during workouts.

Lightweight - Space-age polymers give the device a sense of lightness and robustness. Weighing less than 1 kg, the CrossToner offers training resistance with a lightweight device.

Compact - The CrossToner has been designed not only to be ergonomic, but also small and compact, allowing it to be packed in the smallest of carrying bags, backpacks and other luggage.

Powerful - Exclusive power bands offer 5 to 50 pound weight resistance.

Ergonomics - The unique and patented design makes the use of the CrossToner comfortable for all body types and ages.

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