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Workout your whole body from the comfort of your own home in just one machine with Gymform Total Fitness. The versatile, effective multi-purpose exercise machine is the ideal device for your home, helping you to get a complete full body workout without having to get off the machine between exercises.

Get leaned & defined muscles from home

Total Fitness is perfect for getting lean defined abs, building your chest, developing your lats, working your back and getting big, strong arms! 

You’ll quickly be able to burn more calories and lose weight, whilst building muscle all without leaving the house! 

    Adjustable resistance level 

    By adding the resistance bands to your routine, you’ll intensify your workout to get even greater, muscle building results!


    Plus by adding twists to your workout, you’ll quickly tone your obliques and rapidly develop your arms and upper body to give you the results you want, faster than you’d get with any other exercise machine. You can also use them to help focus on the chest, back, shoulders or arms! 

    Easy to fold up and store away

    Lack of storage space is no problem, simply fold it up and store it away when you’re not using it. It also includes a manual on how to set it up and use it.


    ✔️ Workout your entire body
    ✔️ Resistance bands help improve results
    ✔️ Burn calories and tone muscles
    ✔️ Adjustable resistance
    ✔️ Easy to store away

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    Mark G
    Happy customer :)

    Really good workout for the entire body. Excellently made and you can do a huge range of exercises and perfect for all fitness levels

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